Three Great ways to save on Dentistry

Save up to 20%* on all treatments with every Dental Layby plan

*20% off standard private dental fees. Read terms & conditions

Dental Layby

I want non-urgent dental treatment and want to put money away each week to save for it.

Layby a specific treatment

Start from $60p/week

Includes first consultation and x-rays

Dental Saver

I want to create a ‘set and forget’ plan for my family’s future dental needs

Save for when you need it

Start from $5p/week

Includes first consultation and x-rays

Dental Now

I need urgent dental work but I don’t have the money to pay for it right now.

For urgent dental treatments

From as little as $12p/week

Get treatment now and pay later*

Take the stress out of paying for dental treatments


We automate your payments.
Set up your plan and forget about it.


Take your savings back whenever. No questions. No worries.


Create the plan that works for you. Pay for your dentistry on your terms.


Your credit rating doesn’t matter, because it’s your money. We’ve got you covered.

How Dental Layby Works

It’s just like layby at a department store, but for your teeth!

Use DENTAL LAYBY for all kinds of treatments, from Veneers to Implants and even your regular Scale & Cleans.

Automated payments chip away at your Dental Layby plan so you don’t have to worry about making manual payments. Once you’ve reached your target, book your appointment and get your treatment.

To help you achieve your perfect smile, we offer huge discounts on your treatments!

Popular Treatments

Regular Price


Save up to 20% on dental treatments for whenever you need it.

Dental Saver is like a bank that gives you great discounts on dentistry. Great for if you don’t have anything specific to save up for.


Get treatment now,
pay later!

Start a Dental Now plan if you need urgent dental work done right away but don’t have the money to pay for it right now.

Start from just $12 per week